After almost two years, the waiting is finally over. Our epic movie about our trip around the world is finally here!

It starts with the beaches, which are drop-dead gorgeous and stretch for miles. Maui, our next destination, boasted top-notch conditions for an oceanful of watersports. With a moonscaped national park looming from Maui’s highest peak, exploring on land was stunning as well.

From 30° to 0° and back in a little more than a week. Quite a shock but also a nice change. But after all, it feels good to be back in warmer temperatures.

Plucked straight from a film set or a coffee-table book of picture-perfect scenery, New Zealand was jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

As Toby has already seen most parts of Australia, we decided to keep our visit in Australia as short as possible. Hence we decided to just stay 3 days in this beautiful city and made the most out of it.

We aren’t really able to write much about Singapore and there are two very good reasons for that.

White tablecloth? Confounding cutlery? Snooty waiters? A roof? No thanks. In Malaysia, the best food was served in the humblest surroundings and involves the least amount of fuss.

Incendiary curries, oodles of noodles, fresh seafood and the tropical fruit you’ve been dreaming about – Thailand has it all.

You’ll never be in Bangkok only once – is what they said.

The awe and admiration we felt as we entered the formerly second most excluded country in the world was indescribable. With it’s majestic untouched landscapes, Myanmar displays a beauty completely unparalleled by any other paradise on earth. We arrived in Yangon, Myanmar’s blooming capital, not knowing what to expect. Since we decided to visit this undiscovered country last minute we didn’t really do much research. We were able though to get a… Read More